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Cartilage Regeneration Techniques and the innovative method of total knee replacement in Campus Bio-Medico Hospital (Rome, Italy)

Cartilage Regeneration Techniques and the innovative method of total knee replacement in Campus Bio-Medico Hospital (Rome, Italy)

Articular cartilage defects are common in orthopedic practice, with current treatments yielding acceptable short-term results. Tissue engineering techniques are being employed with aims of repopulating a cartilage defect with hyaline cartilage containing living chondrocytes with hopes of improving clinical outcomes. Cartilage tissue engineering broadly involves the use of three components: cell source, biomaterial/membranes, and/or growth stimulators, either alone or in any combination. This kind of practice is commonly use when the cartilage damage is not so expanded.

Orthopedic Sports Medicine encompasses a group of professionals from various disciplines whose focus is the health of an athlete? concerning the investigation, preservation, and restoration by medical surgical, and rehabilitative means to all structures of the musculoskeletal system affected by athletic activity.

Anterior/Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is a surgical tissue graft replacement of the anterior cruciate ligament, located in the knee.

Meniscal repairing and postoperative rehabilitation athletes who play contact sports are particularly at risk of tears in the pad of cartilage that protects the knee joint, known as the meniscus.

Total knee replacement surgery has become a commonly performed and highly successful surgical procedure. Computer navigation system, guiding the surgeon through the implantation of a total knee replacement, is the newest innovation. At Campus Bio-Medico Hospital a Software-guided Knee Surgery helps surgeons to ensure better alignment and accurate results in total knee replacement. We use a surgical guidance system providing a compact, electronic guidance designed to help surgeons align and validate bony resections in real-time. You will have a custom-made, computer-aided, design-computer-aided manufacturing for your total knee replacement.

Price of operation: 18500 euro.

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