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A new method of treating lung cancer in the University Hospital of Rome (Italy)

A new method of treating lung cancer in the University Hospital of Rome (Italy)In the University Hospital of Rome for more than a year successfully used a new surgical technique for the removal of lung cancer. It is called VATS Uniportale.

The chief of the department of thoracic surgery of the clinic Pierfilippo Crucitti explains that with this method only one incision is made of 3-4 centimeters (and with a traditional surgical procedure a cut is made of 20-30 centimeters) at the level of intercostal space IV and V, into which the camera and surgical instruments are inserted . This technique differs from thoracoscopy in that in thoracoscopy, in addition to this incision, 2-3 more accesses for inserting instruments are introduced. As a result, VATS Uniportale is a minimally invasive procedure. Consequently, the patient after this operation takes much less time to recover - stay in the hospital for about 2 to 3 days. Also reduces the risk of postoperative complications.

This novelty also surpasses robotic surgery, namely - the robot gives stronger pain sensations in the postoperative period, since the "robotic" intervention involves 3-4 cuts for passing the "arm" of the robotic surgeon through the intercostal space and the inevitable compression of the nerves.

In robotic surgery and thoracoscopy, severe bleeding can result from injuries to blood vessels that irrigate the lungs and are difficult to stop. And at a method VATS Uniportale such complications do not occur or happen.

On an aesthetic level, after such an operation, an almost invisible scar remains.

To date, VATS Uniportale is the best method of lung cancer surgery with minimal risks.

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