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MedicaTour Ltd. is the only officially invited agency of medical tourism on Tourismusjahr 2017 to the Austrian Embassy in Moscow (Russia)

MedicaTour Ltd. at Tourismusjahr 2017 in the Austrian Embassy in MoscowMedicaTour Ltd. at Tourismusjahr 2017 in the Austrian Embassy in Moscow (Russia)07/13/2017 representatives of the company MedicaTour Ltd. were invited to the Austrian Embassy in Moscow to an Austrian workshop, which was held in honor of the cross-year tourism of Russia and Austria. Tatyana Sokolov, general director of the leading agency of medical tourism and consulting services in Russia and CIS MedicaTour Ltd., personally talked with Austrian Ambassador to Moscow Emil Briks and was secured official support for the further development of medical tourism between Russia and Austria.

Austria is not so famous in Russia in the field of medical tourism, like Germany and Israel, which are the most popular among Russian patients. However, among professionals in this field, everyone knows that health care in Austria is at the highest level, which explains the large number of long-livers in this country. There is no clear division into public and private clinics and pricing is everywhere the same and is controlled by the state. In general, Austria's medicine is strong with its technologies, specialists and they are famous for their customer-oriented approach. Here an individual approach to each specific patient. Here there is less marketing activity in clinics compared to Germany and Israel, so clients can make smart choices in the direction of proper treatment, rather than go on the heels of advertising. The pricing policy in Austria is more attractive than in Germany.

The clinics are in ancient buildings, monuments of architecture - everything is very dignified and majestic. And at the same time they are equipped with the most modern medical equipment.

MedicaTour Ltd. has been working with the clinic "Döbling", which is located in Vienna for many years.

From our patients who traveled to Austria for treatment, we hear only the most positive feedback.

In Austria, there are also many beautiful resorts (Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Tatsmandorf, Bad Hofgastein and others), in which rehabilitation, especially orthopedic, is highly developed.

The main position is occupied by such directions of medicine as oncology, orthopedics, cardiology and neurology. Reproductive technologies and obstetrics are also very advanced.

Welcome to Austria for leisure, treatment and rehabilitation!

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