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CEO of the medical tourism company "MedicaTour" (Russia) at Hestourex 2017 in Antalya (Turkey)

Hestourex 2017 in Antalya (Turkey)CEO of "MedicaTour" Tatyana Sokolov was invited from 6 to 9 April to the global event HESTOUREX in Antalya (Turkey), dedicated to health, sports and tourism. The format of the event is the Congress and the Exhibition. This event was held for the first time with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Youth and Sport. This is the first and only platform in Turkey that has united thousands of people from 50 countries around the world from the field of medical tourism, sports and beach recreation to discuss new trends, search for new business partners and quality interaction.

The greatest emphasis was placed on medical tourism, since it does not depend on seasonality and brings more greater dividends to the state budget than beach rest.



Russia in Hestourex 2017

Over the past 10 years, Turkey's health system has undergone significant changes, reaching a number of indicators of European and world level. Low cost of treatment in Turkey is combined with excellent quality of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Statistics of clinics in Antalya over the past 3 years indicate an annual increase in the number of patients from Germany, England, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, the United States and the Middle East.

Recently, Turkey's quality of medical services has become a serious competitor for Israel and Germany. In Turkey, a large number of clinics accredited by JCI - as many as 43! In Germany there are only 5 such clinics, and in Israel only 3.



CEO of medical tourism agtncy MedicaTour (Russia) at Hestourex 2017 in Antalya (Turkey)"Very hospitable, warm, friendly country with high quality of medical services and attractive prices. Here there are not only classical methods of treatment, but also unique methods: for example, curing second-degree diabetes mellitus surgically. In Turkey, the strongest organ transplantation, the treatment of oncology at the highest level with the use of immunotherapy (there are cases of curing patients with stage 4 cancer). In the ophthalmologic clinic Dunya Goz the most complicated cases of oncology of the eye are treated."- Tatyana Sokolov commented on her impressions.