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Visit of CEO of MedicaTour Ltd. (Russia) to Croatia for the HTI-2017 Medical Tourism Conference

HTI 2017Tatyana Sokolov, CEO of a leading medical tourism company MedicaTour Ltd., was invited for the second time to the conference on medical tourism HTI, which this year was held from 28.02 to 02.03.2017 in Croatia, in the very beautiful resort town of Rovini, which is called the Croatian Venice.

Today, in addition to the most famous countries (Germany and Israel), many new players have entered the medical tourism market, such as Italy and Croatia. Even patients from countries with more advanced healthcare systems, for example, from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, go to Croatia for treatment because treatment in Croatia is using the same European technologies, but only much cheaper.

For Russian patients, this new direction of medical tourism is especially important in a crisis, as the population of our country is now trying to save on everything.

In Croatia at a very high level orthopedics, cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, dentistry are and, in addition, there are many medical resorts.

The treatment programs are based on a unique climate with crystal clear air, with no allergens of plant origin.

Rheumatological and orthopedic rehabilitation is successfully performed in Croatia and also infertility is treated by a combination of thermal water treatment, mud therapy and a special set of physical exercises developed by medical specialists of this resort.

Tatyana Sokolov: "Be sure to come to Croatia for treatment, rehabilitation and just for rest - I promise you will fall in love with this country forever!"

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