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Beginning of collaboration with Clinics of Chinese Traditional Medicine of Hainan Island (China)

Beginning of collaboration with Clinics of Chinese Traditional Medicine of Hainan Island (China)

Chinese Traditional Medicine is one of the most ancient and complex systems of disease prevention and treatment, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage and other manual techniques, as well as diets and physical therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approaches to diagnosis and treatment take into account the connection between the body, psyche and emotions, as well as the influence of the natural and social environment.

The main methods of treatment in Chinese traditional medicine

Acupuncture, manual therapy, various types of massage, herbal medicine and herbal medicine, cauterization with wormwood cigars and therapeutic gymnastics.

All methods are united by the underlying ancient philosophical concept, as well as the fact that the effect is on biologically active points and channels through which "vital energy" circulates.

Traditional Chinese Medicine considers a person as a single organism in which individual changes affect the entire system as a whole. This approach allows you to diagnose serious diseases in advance and offer appropriate treatment.

Maintaining health and youth

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is based on the fact that good health is not just the absence of diseases, but a special state of mind and body when a person is full of vigor and determination and radiates cheerfulness and health.

An almost healthy person can maintain a cheerful state of mind with regular physical exercises, outdoor walks, a balanced and varied diet, and a moderate lifestyle.

Herbal medicines and other forms of therapy that are used in the treatment of minor diseases, as well as common sense, sufficient to seek medical advice in case of serious illness or any doubts about his health, will help him to stay healthy and cheerful.

Chinese doctors not only offer medicines for diseases, but also give advice and healing drugs that help prolong patients' lives and keep them in a cheerful state of mind. These aspirations also explain their increased attention to vital organs, blood, climatic conditions and the temperament of patients.

In TCM, all diseases are divided into diseases of the yin nature and diseases of the yang nature. Accordingly, yang medicines are used to treat yin diseases and vice versa, and thus a harmonious state of the body is achieved. Yang diseases are positive in nature and manifest themselves hotly and acutely. Yin diseases are negative in their essence and manifest themselves, although less obviously, through weakness and cold.

Recently, our company has started cooperation with Chinese traditional medicine clinics on Hainan Island. Treatment on Hainan Island compares favorably with treatment in similar centers in mainland China in that there is a great opportunity to combine treatment with swimming in the sea and sunbathing all year round, which will significantly enhance the effect of recovery.