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MedicaTour brought a delegation of Russian representatives of the medical business to India to Arihant Hospital

MedicaTour brought a delegation of Russian representatives of the medical business to India to Arihant Hospital

From May 2 to May 6, the Indian hospital Arihant from Dehradun, together with the company MedicaTour, organized an advertising trip to India to the city of Dehradun, to the Arihant hospital. The Russian delegation included representatives of medical tourism, tourism, Russian doctors, the director of a charitable foundation and a representative of medical insurance. The Indian side organized a great reception, the tour program was very rich and interesting.

Arihant hospital employs real enthusiasts, doctors with a capital letter, fanatics of their business. Hospital is multi-profile and currently covers the treatment of all pathologies, with the exception of cardiology. The prices for treatment in the hospital are 30% cheaper than the prices for treatment in Delhi clinics. At the same time, the quality of treatment is not inferior to treatment in large network Indian hospitals. The Arihant clinic treats both adults and children. The equipment here is the most modern. The direction of treatment and rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy is very well developed, strong gynecology and IVF department, oncology, gastroenterology (all types of bariatric operations are performed here), ophthalmology (you can change the lenses, for example, to Technis Synergy), traumatology and orthopedics. The owner of the clinic also has two colleges where students study.

One day we visited the holy city of Rishikesh. We practiced yoga, received an Ayurvedic massage as a gift, and finally got to the international yoga festival. The famous guru Shidanan Sarasvati performed at this festival and the festival organizers invited our group from Russia to a place of honor next to him. After his inspired speech, all the participants received a blessing and saw the aarti ceremony – a puja dedicated to the goddess of the Ganges River with the offer of fire to her. The ceremony was amazing, after which all the participants of the delegation were filled with energy and enlightenment.

The next day we went to Mussoorie and conquered the top of George Everest. The beauty of these places is majestic and unique.

"Personally, I love India very much, this is not my first visit to this country. But this is the first time I came to this region. Of course, the country is amazing, mystical and extremely beautiful. But the main wealth of this country is people who are very kind, very friendly, hospitable and hardworking. I hope that our cooperation with the Arihant Hospital will be fruitful. And also we will come back to you more than once magical India," Tatiana Sokolov shared her impressions.