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A seminar on treatment and rehabilitation in Turkey was held in Moscow

A seminar on treatment and rehabilitation in Turkey was held in Moscow

1.08 The management of the company MedicaTour was invited to participate in the Turkish educational seminar on "Treatment and recovery in Turkey", which was held in Moscow at the Hilton Leningradskaya hotel.

CEO of MedicaTour Tatiana Sokolov was asked to make a welcoming speech for all participants of the event from the Russian side. In her speech, Tatiana spoke about her experience working with Turkey on medical tourism, thanked all Turkish partners for being open throughout the pandemic and receiving the company's patients, and also stressed that in the current political situation, Turkey is currently our main and one of the priority partners.

There were interesting performances by Turkish participants. For example, it was a surprise to us that Turkey uses the CAR-T therapy treatment method for the treatment of blood cancer. In Europe, it is very expensive, and China, with which we are working closely on this method, has been closed to receiving foreign patients for the entire pandemic until today.

Turkey is also famous for high-quality and cost-effective hair transplantation. There was a very interesting presentation by Dr. Hakan Tetik from Antalya, he spoke in detail about the modern method of hair transplantation FUE.

An interesting report was about the possibilities of rehabilitation in Turkey. Robotic rehabilitation is actively used in Turkey, especially in neurology. All types of rehabilitation are offered for patients: neurological, orthopedic, sports, children's, cardiological. In addition to unique rehabilitation techniques and the most modern equipment, climatic factors, such as thermal springs, are also used in Turkey.

The seminar was interesting, useful and rich in information. Moscow was one of the Russian cities where it was held – a seminar was also planned in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. It was a pleasure to meet with both Turkish partners and Russian colleagues of medical tourism.