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Winter discount on rehabilitation for children and adults in Greece

Winter discount on rehabilitation for children and adults in Greece

Great news for children in need of rehabilitation, as well as for adults. Our partners in Greece offer a 50% discount on rehabilitation programs for the period January and February 2022. Instead of 6,200 euros, rehabilitation in the center of Anagennisi (Thessaloniki) will cost 3,100 euros.

Hurry up to book, the number of places is limited.


The duration of the program is 4 weeks (3 hours of individual therapies per day).

The program includes:

1. Consultation with a rehabilitation therapist

2. Complete blood count

3. Cardiological examination

4. Observation by a neurologist

5. Observation of an orthopedist.

6. An individual treatment plan based on the recommendations of our doctors.

7. An individual meal plan based on the recommendations of a nutritionist.

8. Individual therapies using classical and modern methods in accordance with the needs and capabilities of each patient.

Therapies that can be included:

  • Physiotherapy using classical and modern methods such as Bobat (Baby Bobat), Mackenzie, Mulligan Concept, PNF method, remedial gymnastics, kinesitherapy, kinesio taping, Sl method for children, etc.
  • Hydrotherapy (therapeutic pool, AQUAQ-PNF method, hydrotherapy water jet massage, special lift for people with disabilities).
  • Ergotherapy using classical methods and modern devices such as Hocoma, Armeo spring, Nirvana, etc.
  • Logotherapy, therapy for swallowing and speech disorders.
  • Psychological, neuropsychological and cognitive counseling (additional payment).
  • Cognitive retraining, social adaptation, everyday life skills training.
  • The use of modern rehabilitation complexes and devices. Exoskeleton, Lokomat, Armeo, Nirvana, Biodex, Snoezelen and many other modern devices.
  • Use of gyms (unlimited).
  • Use of the accessible sports center.
  • Group lessons (1-2 times a week) in drawing, knitting, modeling and ceramics, crafts, music, cooking, aesthetics and beauty.

9. 4 weeks (28 days) accommodation in a fully equipped apartment in the resort area (maximum 2 adults and 2 children).

10. Transfer to the rehabilitation center and back (not individual).

For booking - contact our managers.