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Presentation of the book by Tatiana Sokolov "Reflections during Isolation"

Presentation of the book by Tatiana Sokolov "Reflections during Isolation"

On December 8, 2021 at the presentation site of the MedTravelExpo-2021 exhibition in Moscow, a presentation and autograph session of the second book of CEO of MedicaTour, Tatiana Sokolov, "Reflections during Isolation" was held.

Tatiana shared her impressions of the event:

“As always, I was madly worried before this event, I was afraid that no one would come, no one was interested. But it turned out to be wrong - people came. Those who attended the presentation of my first book "Business for a Lady, or My Life in Medical Tourism", many new faces, as well as my colleagues and partners in our business came.

After my short introduction and presentation of a new book, I heard many kind words addressed to me.

I am pleased that my work in this literary field was appreciated at its true worth. All copies of the book were sold for the autograph session, and these are more than 60 books that we have prepared for this event.

I am currently working on a third book. While I will keep the topic and content secret, the only thing I can say is that it will also be a book about medical tourism. If I manage to complete it by the end of next year, then perhaps I will present it by tradition at MedTravelExpo next year.

I would like to thank Nadezhda Fedulova, Gennady Plastunov, Anna Pashayan, Elena Krasulina, Albina Logacheva, Marina Frolova, Sergei Glotov, Oleg Ponimatko, Nairi Eranosyan, Irina Pisarevskaya, Evgenia Chernysheva and the MedTravelExpo team, Irina Binikarov as well as everyone else who showed interest in this event. "

At the moment book is available only in Russian - The official website of the book, where it can be purchased in both print and electronic format.