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Business visit of the management of MedicaTour to Antalya

Business visit of the management of MedicaTour to Antalya

From 14 to 18.08, the management of MedicaTour, at the invitation of its Turkish partners CK Health Turkey, visited Antalya in order to get acquainted with Turkish medicine in this resort city. During their visit, Tatiana Sokolov and Oleg Ponimatko visited 4 clinics - two dental clinics and two general clinics.

The clinics are superbly equipped and, most importantly, highly professional doctors work there. I would like to note that treatment in Antalya is much cheaper than in Istanbul. And the resort city of Antalya itself is considered more calm and safe. There is no bustle of a big metropolis and you can not only get medical treatment, but also relax on the sea.

After the visit, the management of MedicaTour decided to actively develop the direction of treatment in Antalya.

In Antalya, our company will be able to offer the organization of treatment in the field of orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, cardiology, oncology, as well as infertility. In addition, our partners have developed packages for medical care in bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, dentistry. The packages include medical insurance (which covers all additional costs), doctor's consultation, transfers (airport - hotel - clinic and back), surgery or treatment, hotel accommodation.

I would like to remind you that Turkey ranks 6th in the world in tourism. Along with this, Antalya ranks first among the cities of Turkey in terms of the number of tourists. Very convenient accessibility - only 3 hours flight from Moscow.

Few examples of the cost of packages "All inclusive" treatment in the clinics of Antalya:

Bariatric surgery

  • Sleeve Gatrectomy - 4100 euros,
  • Stomach Folding - 4100 euros,
  • Gastric Bypass - 4400 euros,
  • Stomach Botox - 1800 euros,
  • Gastric Balloon - 2100 euros

Plastic surgery

  • Eye lift - 1700 euros
  • Butterfly lips - 1350 euros
  • Rhinoplasty - 3600 euros
  • Abdominoplasty - 4400 euros

“I would like to sincerely thank our partners CK Health Turkey for the warm welcome, productive meetings and the desire to cooperate with MedicaTour. We have very warm sunny impressions from our visit and I see great potential in further cooperation”, Tatiana Sokolov, General Director of MedicaTour, commented on the results of the trip.