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Acquaintance with Austrian medicine

Acquaintance with Austrian medicine

From 15.06 to 18.06 the management of MedicaTour was invited to Austria to get acquainted with some of the leading Austrian clinics and resorts. At the first meeting, Julian Michael Hadschiff, Chairman of the Association of Healthcare Institutions and a member of the Austrian Chamber of Economics, made a welcoming speech to the Russian delegation.

During the business visit, the delegation visited the following Austrian clinics: Rudolfinerhaus Privatklinik, Doblingen Privatklinik, Confraternitat Privatklinik and Wiener Privatklinik.

All clinics are equipped with modern equipment and are staffed by renowned Austrian doctors. Each clinic has its own unique developments and treatment methods. For example, the Rudolfinerhaus clinic successfully treats children from three years of age for Ewing's sarcoma. It also houses a very strong hand surgery center, treating and operating on all pathologies and sports injuries. This clinic also successfully uses transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS) for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

The Doblingen Privatklinik has been considered one of the best in the Vienna District for many years. There is a very strong department of obstetrics and gynecology here. By the way, our company has already sent its patients there for childbirth and they were very pleased. The clinic has a center for osteomyelitis - the treatment of inflammation of the bones and bone marrow, in this direction very great success has been achieved and a unique method of treatment has been developed. The clinic also performs corneal transplantation.

Confraternitat Privatklinik has the strongest methods of cancer treatment such as lung cancer, gastrointestinal tract diseases and lymphomas. Also, a unique in Austria method of therapy is used - embolization of the arteries of the prostate. This method is used to successfully treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.

And finally, the Wiener Privatklinik, which employs the most prestigious doctors in Vienna. Every year the clinic receives thousands of patients from more than 20 countries of the world. The clinic is multidisciplinary, it has the strongest oncology, there is a center for thoracic oncology, where all types of chest tumors are treated. The clinic also has a bone tumor center. Tumors of the bone and soft tissues are a rather rare, but very dangerous disease that is successfully treated by doctors at Wiener Privatklinik.

Also within the framework of the visit, Delenation visited the Bad Gastein radon spa, the Alpentherme thermal spa and the Heilstollen radon therapy center - this is the only spa in the world that, thanks to a unique combination of three acting factors: radon, heat and humidity, allows to achieve a healing effect from pain for patients with arthritis. arthrosis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, skin and respiratory tract.

"Our experience of visiting the adits in Heilstollen is unforgettable - you are taken on a special train to the mines, where in caves with high temperatures, radon fumes and high humidity, you lie on couches, inhale and absorb all the beneficial substances through your skin. After the session, you feel unprecedented lightness throughout your body. and a burst of energy." - Oleg Ponimatko, Development Director of MedicaTour, shared his impressions.

The trip to Austria turned out to be very eventful and interesting. The MedicaTour company expresses its deep gratitude to the Trade Department of the Austrian Embassy in Moscow for organizing such a study tour, which is useful for the development of medical tourism in Austria.