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Participation of the MedicaTour management in the All-Russian Forum "Health 2021+" in Siberia

Participation of the MedicaTour management in the All-Russian Forum Health 2021+ in Siberia

In early March, the management of the MedicaTour company was invited to participate in the Health 2021+ forum, which took place on 2.03 in Novosibirsk and 4.03 in Barnaul. The main topic of the forum is the development of the spa industry in Siberia. All problem areas of the industry were discussed at the forum, points of growth and development goals were outlined for 20 years ahead.

CEO of MedicaTour took part as an expert at the foresight session "Expert assessments of the situation and analysis of key trends in the Russian market of sanatorium, health and medical tourism." Tatiana Sokolov recommended the development of the export of medical services, which includes the development of spa treatment, teaching English to staff, passing the European quality certification for EuroSPA sanatoriums, organizing press tours and promoting the industry together with the authorities.

In addition to participating in the conference, the company's management paid a study visit to several medical institutions, one of which was the "Health Territory" rehabilitation center in Barnaul. “This is a modern rehabilitation center that can easily compete with the rehabilitation centers in Switzerland,” Tatiana Sokolov gave her expert assessment.

We also visited the sanatorium "Sosnovy Bor", located in a forest in a beautiful place, with an interesting history of the merchant Platonov. The sanatorium hosts such an event as the "Platonov Ball". But most of all I was impressed by the medical base of the sanatorium - a variety of medical procedures, not only standard, but also unique. The management of the sanatorium organized a very warm welcome on a Siberian scale for the expert group.

In addition, Tatiana Sokolov and Oleg Ponimatko (Development Director of MedicaTour) were invited to the famous resort "Belokurikha" and got acquainted with the work of the sanatoriums "Pearl Belokurikha" and "Altai West" - excellent places for health improvement and good rest. The Belokurikha resort amazed with its virgin nature, crystal clear air and friendly people.

“At the forum we met wonderful people, great professionals in their field. I would like to especially note Dmitry Bogdanov and Konstantin Harsky. Dmitry Bogdanov (Chairman of the Commission on the sanatorium-resort sphere of the Public Council of Rostourism, head of the sanatorium "Knowledge" in Sochi) masterly held this event. In Barnaul, Konstantin Harsky (Business trainer, consultant, famous writer) conducted an interesting training “On the client's side. On the principles of value management and customer-oriented business ”, - told Tatiana Sokolov.

I would like to especially thank the organizers of the forum - Elena Krasulina (vice president of the Altai Regional Tourism Association, executive director of  "Pyatnitsa" travel agency) and Larisa Naumenko (founder of "Siberian Life" medical business portal) for a perfectly organized event that is very useful for all players of the sanatorium resort business and gave impetus for the further development of the industry.