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Visit of the management of the company MedicaTour to the sanatorium Zvenigorod of the Sechenov University near Moscow

Visit of the management of the company MedicaTour to the sanatorium Zvenigorod of the Sechenov University

From 18 to 20.12 the management of the MedicaTour company paid a business visit to the Zvenigorod sanatorium of the Sechenov University which is located in Moscow region.

“Finally, I managed to visit the historical city of Zvenigorod, with its amazing history, where many famous writers and artists worked and lived, for example, Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, landscape painter Isaac Levitan, K.S. Korovin, A.K. Savrasov, composer S.I. Taneyev, artist V.E. Borisov-Musatov, Maximilian Voloshin, Fedor Chaliapin and many others. Here in Zvenigorod there is a special energy. The beauty of nature is indescribable, it is no coincidence that Zvenigorod is called the Switzerland of the Moscow Region,” Tatiana Sokolov, CEO of MedicaTour, shared her impressions.

The sanatorium is located on a beautiful territory in the forest, you can live both in the main building and in cozy houses scattered throughout the forest area of ​​the hotel. Walking through the territory, you can go to the observation deck, which offers a view of the Moscow River and the city's panorama. At the sanatorium there is a reserve in which 3 deer live with simple Russian names: Masha, Dasha and Semyon Semyonovich.

The sanatorium owns a large Olympic pool and a magnificent hall where athletes' competitions are held.

The food in the sanatorium is correct, balanced, varied and quite tasty.

I would especially like to note the excellent medical facilities of the sanatorium. Here is a completely new medical center, which is equipped with the most modern and unique equipment. Even patients from nearby sanatoriums come here for procedures, since only here there are some unique procedures.

The sanatorium has a lot of treatment and health programs, for example, cardiovascular, rehabilitation after covid, detox, weight loss and many others.

“I managed to try many procedures on myself,” said Tatiana Sokolov, “I especially liked the cedar barrel. You are placed in the barrel so that the head remains outside, and the body inside the barrel is enveloped in vapors from infusions of medicinal herbs and essential oils. The barrel relieves stress, fatigue, is useful for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, excellent detox, slimming effect."

“I am delighted with the Russian wood-burning bath with a font,” Oleg Ponimatko, Business Development Director of MedicaTour, shared his impressions.

The sanatorium is actively developing, renewing, the service is improving, and all this is not accidental, since this sanatorium is run by wonderful young people, great professionals in their field - Chief Physician Aleksey Kovalenko and Deputy Chief Physician Liana Grigoryan.

I would like to thank them for our well-organized rest and acquaintance with the sanatorium and wish them great success in their important business.

The spa industry can have peace of mind when represented by such highly professional professionals.