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A meeting in Moscow of management of MedicaTour with a representative of Max Hospitals, the largest group of hospitals in India

A meeting in Moscow of management of MedicaTour with a representative of Max Hospitals, the largest network of hospitals in IndiaFrom May 13 till 17, a representative of the largest group of Indian hospitals Max Hospitals came to Moscow on a business trip specifically to meet with MedicaTour and its Russian partners to discuss work plans.

In February 2019, an Agreement was signed between MedicaTour and Max Hospitals, according to which MedicaTour becomes the official and authorized representative of this group in Russia.

During the business visit, a business partnership was discussed, the goals and deadlines for specific marketing and PR campaigns were outlined.

Visits were also organized to the leading centers of Moscow - the private clinic "Medicine" and the two largest state centers: Cardiology State Center of Ministry of Health of Russia and Federal State Scientific and Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology of Russia. The representative of Max Hospitals has familiarized with the achievements of Russian medicine, and some future joint projects have already been planned.

Max Hospitals is a group of multi-disciplinary centers in the northern part of India, is the largest network of hospitals in the country and the best in India and one of the best in the world in organ transplants. Max's leading professor Dr. Shubash Gupta was the first in India who did a liver transplant surgery.

In Max Hospitals is available to do a kidney, liver, bone marrow transplant, and even a heart and lung transplant. Although now for patients who need a heart transplant, Max's specialists recommend to install the latest LVAD device (“artificial heart”), which allows patient to quickly and 100% solve the problem, because it often takes a few years for the donor to wait.

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