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Blue laser. Advanced technology for the treatment of diseases of the vocal cords

The laser generates energy in the spectrum of visible light. The color of the beam is blue, so the device is called Blue Laser. The blue beam can simultaneously perform two functions:

1) perform a thin and precise tissue incision, to remove damage, while maintaining the adjacent vital structures;

2) to ensure the immediate stop of blood and block its flow to the affected areas.

This combination of functions is exceptional, and until recently was not integrated into any device. Unlike previous laser devices, the new device is small, light, portable, quiet and does not generate heat.

Laser energy is transmitted through thin fiber optics, which provides flexibility in working with the device. There is no need for general anesthesia and ancillary equipment such as a microscope or instruments to access the depth of the throat. Flexible fiber can be transferred directly to the target area, without discomfort and pain.

Until recently, laser treatment was almost always performed under general anesthesia, in the operating room. Today, using Blue Laser, this treatment can be performed under local anesthesia.

Diseases of the vocal cords are divided into several types

  • Benign lesions - warts, polyps, dilated blood vessels and edema;
  • Precancerous and cancerous processes, including smoking;
  • Diseases caused by viruses, such as papillomas in the vocal cords.

Common to all of these diseases is that in many cases laser therapy is the preferred method of treatment.

Treatment process

The patient sits in the chair. Local anesthesia is sprayed through the mouth and nose; then the flexible endoscope is gently inserted through the nose into the throat area. A laser fiber is attached to the endoscope. The endoscope illuminates and photographs the affected area of ​​tissue; at this stage, the laser fiber is located very close to the vocal cord. The doctor activates the laser and the blue beam produces the desired effect. Polyp / wart / enlarged blood vessels are eliminated during this manipulation. The same method can eliminate precancerous lesions, papillomas and edema on the vocal cords. The treatment is relatively short and painless.

After the procedure, the patient may experience discomfort, the patient is invited to rest in the clinic for about 30 minutes, after which he is discharged home with recommendations to refrain from talking for one day.

Unlike what happens after an operation under general anesthesia, after the procedure described, you can return to full-fledged functioning without restrictions, without the need for sick leave, a break in work or a change of plans.

In recent years, the treatment of the vocal cords has been developing by leaps and bounds. Appears more and more methods of treatment of diseases of the vocal cords, allowing to improve the quality of voice and even save lives. New operations have become possible thanks to the development of laser technology, making them accessible and successful.

Blue Laser is an innovative technology for treating diseases of the vocal cords, providing optimal and safe treatment, minimizing the discomfort in everyday life.

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