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Intravenous Cancer Therapy by Vitamin C

Intravenous Cancer Therapy by Vitamin C

Intravenous Cancer Therapy by Vitamin C is one of the new innovative cancer therapies. Intravenous administration of vitamin C refers to the method of parenteral administration of vitamin C (that is, bypassing the intestines and liver) to achieve therapeutic levels in the blood, tissues and organs.

How Vitamin C Therapy Fights with Cancer Cells

1. Apoptosis of cancer cells occurs faster, especially in combination with other immunotherapy interventions and virotherapy.

2. Helps cancer patients to tolerate the side effects of other treatments and improve well-being.

3. Reduces inflammation and helps stop tumor growth.

Why do patients choose intravenous vitamin C infusion therapy?

1) This can be done with intravenous fluids. When administered intravenously, vitamin C can reach much higher levels in the blood than when taken the same amount orally.

2) It improves the quality of life, as well as improves physical, mental and emotional functions, reducing symptoms of fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain and loss of appetite.

3) Vitamin C therapy blocks tumor growth in certain types of pancreatic, liver, prostate and ovarian cancers, as well as in sarcoma and malignant mesothelioma.

This therapy is successfully performed at Amber Life Cancer Clinic.

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