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Medical tourism events in Russia

Our company is often invited as an official partner by the most global events of medical tourism and medicine in Russia and CIS.

MedTravelExpo 2017 (December, 2017)

The exhibition was held in Moscow in December 2017. Company MedicaTour Ltd. was the official partner of the exhibition and organizer of the exhibition's business forums.

MedicaTour is the official partner of the biggest russian exhibition center in Moscow in which MedTravelExpo is holding. 

MPIRES 2018 (March, 2018)

MedicaTour Ltd. represented the sector "Treatment abroad" at the largest Russian exhibition of foreign real estate.

MedTravelExpo 2018 (2-5 December, 2018)

MedTravelExpo is an exhibition for medical and health-related services and health care technologies in Russia and abroad held as part of Russian Health Care Week supported by the Russian Government, Ministry of Health and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

A unique combination of information and exhibition space creates new great opportunities to promote innovative products for practical medicine, and attracts leading manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, health care professionals, government and business representatives, and everybody involved with the health care industry from all over Russia.

The exhibition will take place in two formats: B2B and B2C. Also the management of MedicaTour Ltd. and the management of the Expocenter decided to expand the exhibition space, as in 2017 there were more applications than expected, and therefore not everyone who wanted could participate.

Our company is also responsible for business part for speaking possibilities.

MedTravelExpo 2019

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