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Promotion and PR of hospitals, clinics, resorts and SPA hotels in the medical tourism markets of Russia and the CIS

Promotion and PR of hospitals, clinics, resorts and SPA hotels in Russia and CIS countries

The medical tourism market is very competitive today and in order for patients to choose your particular clinic or resort for treatment or check-up you need to conduct powerful promotion. This will provide you with recognition among potential customers and in the future will ensure you a steady flow of patients. And then the medical tourism agencies will be forced to work with you, and not with old comfortable clinics-partners.

Experts of the company MedicaTour, based on excellent knowledge of the market, have developed special promotion packages, which are a list of services of marketing and PR of medical institutions in Russia and CIS.

Online promotion

We have several professional and experienced specialists in the staff who ensure the powerful presence of information about the clinic on many information resources, in the news, on thematic sites, in search engines, conduct well-organized advertising campaigns in Yandex and Google, regularly make posts in social networks etc.

B2B Round tables

Our company together with a major touristic publication often organizes Round tables for our clinic partners, where they can meet with the largest and leading players in medical tourism market of Russia and CIS.

Events and exhibitions

MedicaTour Ltd. is one of the leading medical tourism companies and therefore we are often invited to participate in major national scale events at which our specialists can tell about your services and facilities and distribute your printed information materials. For example, our company is an official partner and organizer of business part of the biggest medical tourism exhibition MedTravelExpo with the support of Russian government, Ministry of Health and Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

TV, radio and print media

Our company has already 12 years in medical tourism and our founder and CEO Tatiana Sokolov is often invited to television channels and radio. Therefore, we have quite a lot of partners in TV, radio and print media. So on this media channels we can organize interview of your specialists, doctors etc.


Since our company has proven itself in the market only from the best side and feedbacks on working with us are only well, it is sometimes that well-known actors, singers, athletes and other celebrities turn to us for help in organizing diagnosis or treatment. Therefore, there is a variant of carrying out advertising campaigns of your clinic with their participation.

Why do we promote better than general marketing agencies

Why do we promote clinics better than the general marketing agencies? Because our company is more than 15 years in the medical tourism market and knows this market deeply from all sides. We also know the portrait and psychology of our Russian clients.

With our help, you can:

  • enter the market of medical tourism in Russia and the CIS
  • promote the medical services of your companies
  • expand the base of contacts - the providers of patients
  • establish contacts at the level of leaders of leading companies
  • increase the number of requests for treatment 

Our customers

Among our customers:

  • Max Healthcare Hospitals (India)
  • Quironsalud Hospital Group (Spain)
  • Amber Life Cancer Clinic (Latvia)
  • Klinika Svjetlost Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital (Italy)
  • Aquila Medical Clinic (Singapore)
  • SAM Hospital (South Korea)
  • Szent Lukács SPA Dental Сlinic (Hungary)
  • Orthopedic Hospital Carolina Medical Center (Poland)
  • Swiss Medical Group Alivia
  • Izmir University Hospital (Turkey)
  • Medicine Estonia Klaster
  • IVF Hospitals in Greece and Croatia
  • Russian Health Resorts
  • etc.

We are open for cooperation and are ready to discuss all the details. Our company is one of the leading players in the medical tourism market, so you will find in us a reliable and professional partner.

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