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Treatment in Rome, Italy (University Hospital)

Treatment in Rome, Italy. University Hospital

University Hospital of Rome provides diagnostics, treatment and care of patients in all fields of medicine at the most modern high-tech level.

The treatment uses the newest medicines, which only enter the international pharmaceutical market. In hospital scientific research is constantly conducted in cooperation with the Centers for Biomedicine, Bioengineering and the Center for Advanced Studies.

It is also need to mention the pleiad of famous world-class doctors working at the University Hospital of Rome:

- gynecology: Prof. Roberto Angioli

- anesthesiology: Prof. Massimiliano Carassiti

- general and abdominal surgery: Prof. Roberto Coppola

- general and thoracic surgery: Pierfilippo Crucitti

- orthopedic surgery: Prof. Vincenzo Denaro

- cardiology: Prof. Germano Di Sciascio

- urology: Prof. Giovanni Muto

- plastic surgery: Prof. Paolo Persichetti

- endocrinology: Prof. Paolo Pozzilli

- vascular surgery: Prof. Francesco Spinelli

- orthopedics: Prof. Francesco Franceschi

- physical medicine and rehabilitation: Prof. Silvia Sterzi

- therapeutics: Dr. Antonio Picardi

- bariatric surgery: Dr. Vincenzo Bruni

and many others

Also in the clinic there are highly specialized centers (phlebology, headache, radiation therapy, bone oncology) and a center for express diagnostics. The clinic has 10 operating rooms, equipped for minimally invasive operations.

At your service are comfortable rooms that meet all the standards of a good hotel room (calm colors, indirect lighting, etc.). In the clinic there is a complete absence of hospital odors thanks to a modern ventilation system.

Why it is worth choosing for treatment in Italy exactly University Hospital of Rome

1. One of the first hospitals in Rome, accredited by JCI

2. The clinic is conveniently located near the airports of Rome

3. Treatment can be combined with tourist trips through Italy

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