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Stem cells therapy (hospitals, clinics, prices and method descriptions)

Stem cells therapy. Clinics, prices and method descriptions

Stem cells therapy restores the brain action, gives excellent results during transplantation, in the treatment of cerebral palsy, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, oncology and many other diseases.

Anti aging

The essence of aging lies at the cellular level. The physiological function of cells and their ability to divide gradually decreases. Cell morphology is also subject to change: a decrease in moisture, a thinning of the membrane, and an increase in brittleness. Ultimately, cellular aging is the process of a gradual decline in the cellular structure, components, and functions.

The human body consists of about 4 trillion cells. Cellular aging leads to a significant decrease in cells, to division and renewal. For example, by the time the old age reaches the total number of brain cells is halved, the skeletal muscle mass at 70 years old is only half of the muscle mass at maturity, the liver mass at the age of 85 years is reduced to one third of the age of 45 years.

Fresh stem cells fight aging at the cellular and molecular levels, which leads to improved human health and improved quality of life.

Immune system recovery

The immune system is a physiological function of the body that helps determine "alien" and "its" components. The immune system acts as a regulatory system of the body that affects the thymus, bone marrow, spleen and systemic lymph nodes.

The middle-aged immune system becomes weak, which leads to various diseases (infectious diseases, age-related diseases (cardiovascular, cerebrovascular), respiratory system diseases, cancer tendency, etc.). And the treatment with fresh stem cells is very effective for the immune system of the human body.

Thus, stem cells therapy is the simultaneous restoration of the immune system and supplying the body with young cells.

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Stem cells therapy is used for both rejuvenation and recovery, and sometimes it can be the only way to save a life when no other treatment helps.

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