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Cancer treatment in Moscow, RussiaCancer treatment in Moscow, Russia. State cancer center and private clinic

We can record you to the state and private clinics in Moscow, which use the most advanced surgical, interventional and therapeutic methods of treating cancer at all stages of treatment.

The treatment plan for each patient is developed individually, using the methods that will be most effective in each particular case.

Today, new methods of diagnostics and treatment of cancer are constantly emerging, but a universal "cancer medicine" that would save all cancer patients, regardless of the type of tumor or its stage, has not yet appeared in the arsenal of oncologists. However, on the way to its creation, physicians and pharmacologists have developed a variety of technologies and drugs that already help patients today who were considered hopeless 10 or 20 years ago.

Particular attention is paid to the needs and needs of patients who are in the late stages of the disease and who need palliative care.

According to the doctors, palliative treatment can not and should not be limited to the prescription of pain medications. Along with effective pain relief schemes, clinics actively use palliative surgical and interventional care aimed at improving the quality of life regardless of the stage of the disease and the localization of tumor growth sites. The clinic assist even the heaviest patients, alleviating their pain and improving the quality of life.

The largest state oncological center of Russia

The structure of the cancer center includes five divisions:
  • Scientific Research Institute of Clinical Oncology (for adult patients), designed for 850 beds;
  • Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, designed for 150 beds;
  • Scientific Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Radiology, designed for 50 beds;
  • Research Institute of Carcinogenesis, which includes 16 laboratories;
  • Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Diagnosis and Tumor Therapy, which includes 15 laboratories.

The Oncology Center has three branches - in the Altai Territory, in the Republic of Tatarstan and the Scientific and Production Branch in Moscow.

On the basis of the Center there are 8 departments of medical academies and universities. The staff of the center includes more than 3500 employees, including 5 academicians, 7 corresponding members, 89 professors and more than 200 doctors of science.

Activity of the Center:
  • The Center renders highly qualified medical assistance in oncology and conducts scientific research in the field of studying the biology of the tumor cell, mechanisms of carcinogenesis and tumor progression.
  • New technologies are being developed in the field of surgical treatment of malignant tumors, as well as new methods of diagnosis, drug, radiation and combination therapy; attention is paid to active prophylaxis of tumors in adults and children.
  • An important area is the training of scientific and medical personnel for the oncology service.
  • The introduction of new medical technologies has made it possible to expand the indications for surgical treatment of primary and metastatic liver and kidney tumors, reduce mortality and improve long-term treatment outcomes.
  • The use of high-dose chemotherapy in patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma resulted in a cure or long-term (more than 5 years) remission in 60% of patients with sensitive relapses (35-40% with standard treatment), in 30-40% of patients with primary-resistant course or multiple relapses (5-15% with standard treatment).
  • Significant results have been achieved in pediatric oncology, including in the field of transplantation. Thus, post-transplant mortality was reduced by 70% and survival from 0% to 50% in the group of patients with extremely unfavorable prognosis was increased.

Also, our company represents Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center in Moscow, the leading Russian Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology.

Private oncology clinic

After analyzing our long-term experience in various segments of Russian healthcare and critically assessing it, the people who are now the team of the oncological clinic decided to create Russia's first private medical institution focused on providing a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to oncological patients.

Thus, this oncological clinic in Moscow is a unique institution that unites highly qualified doctors in its walls, the most modern equipment and the highest level of service.

The cafeteria of the clinic provides each of the patients with a delicious 3-5-times therapeutic diet. At the request of the patients, the cooks of the clinic can prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner from special menu dishes, for example, grilled dorado with Provence herbs.

Chambers are equipped with everything necessary, including equipment for caring for seriously ill patients. Elevators between floors and landscaped protected area allow you to spend time outside the ward.

The clinic uses only hypoallergenic non-sulfate toiletries that do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin, even in patients undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Chemotherapy
  • Reanimation
  • Surgery
  • X-ray surgery
  • Polyclinic
  • Palliative care

The clinic also treats somatic pathology - cardiological, neurological, endocrine, surgical complications against the background of the underlying disease.

Also in the center you can buy original medicines from Germany, Switzerland and Israel, which is very important for the quality treatment of cancer patients.

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