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IQCure clinic, Sveti Martin, Croatia

IQCure clinic, Sveti Martin, Croatia

In the Hotel Spa Golfer in the resort Sveti Martin in Croatia, a new IQCure clinic has opened, the concept of which is unique in the world and presents a new unconventional approach to diagnosis and treatment based on checking the energy level of your body and the appointment of specialized procedures, diet and wellness programs , which will restore the energy balance of your body.

Our body also needs "recharging", as electronic gadgets do, which we recharge every day. Exactly for this purpose a unique IQCure center has been created, so that we can fill the missing energy, strengthen immunity and prevent many diseases that can be expected in the future.

As you know, the human immune system is closely related to the amount of energy flowing in our body. The higher is the energy potential then the stronger is the immunity. In the IQCure clinic, special testing determines the level of energy in your body and determines the course of its recovery.

The clinic uses the newest unique equipment, which was designed by scientists from several countries involved in the development of space research.

IQCure Scan

IQCure Scan is a combination of leading scanners used in prevention and rehabilitation programs based on the principles of quantum physics, medical technologies and databases. The device scans your body, giving you a clear picture of your mental and physical health. The scanner is not programmed to treat the disease, it is used at the stage of diagnosis and works on the principle of preventing and preventing the progression of the disease.

  • psychological screening
  • checking of life forces
  • analysis of respiratory and digestive systems
  • body mass index
  • skin analysis
  • organ system analysis
  • diagnosis of inflammation
  • metabolism analysis
  • blood pressure analysis
  • selection of an ideal diet

Therapeutic procedures

- Full body repair bath

Simulation of sunlight frequencies, thermal therapy of prostate problems and urinary tract infections, treatment of the throat, nose and bronchi.

- Healing liquid pool

Soundwave therapy, massage of skin cell membranes, aromatherapy, light and color therapy, complete detoxification and purification of the body.

- Holistic cocooning

Depending on the results of scanning, you will be offered various wraps from substances useful for your body, as well as color, sound and aromatherapy.

- Healing sensoring lounger

A therapeutic device that reduces stress, increases blood flow through electromagnetic massage, and is also used for light therapy with oxygen and sound and infusion therapy.

- Health booster

Removes toxins from the body, which are absorbed by the osmosis in the electrolyte solution. Breathing clean ionized oxygen, you at the same time learn to breathe properly.

Rehabilitation in IQCure

  • after chemotherapy and radiotherapy
  • after orthopedic operations and traumas of the bone system
  • after surgical surgery (gynecology, urology)
  • after non-operative hospital treatment
  • increase of the general condition and energy of the organism after illness
  • preventive program

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