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Hair transplant in TurkeyHair transplant in Turkey

For those people who suffer from hair loss, the most natural way to solve this problem forever is hair transplant. Healthy hair roots are transplanted to the area where the hair falls out.

With the help of hair transplantation, a person acquires a visually natural look of hair as before hair loss.

Price and services

  • DHI Implanter Pen or Fue Method
  • The doctor's consultation
  • Painless pre-anesthesia
  • All necessary analyzes
  • Translation services
  • Transplant Guarantee
  • PRP therapy + mesotherapy
  • Care products after transplant
  • Stay in a double room for 3 nights in a 5 * luxury hotel Rixos Downtown Hotel
  • + 1 attendant lives free
  • VIP transfer (hotel-clinic-hotel)

Price of hair transplant with an unlimited number of grafts together with accommodation in a 5 * hotel with an accompanying person is € 2,290.

What methods are used for hair transplant

Hair transplant procedure successfully uses the seamless FUE method or the FUT method leaving a light footprint on the occipital region. If, when applying the FUE method, hair roots are collected one by one and transplanted to an area where there is no hair, then when applying the FUT method, one line of skin is removed from the occipital region with the hair roots.

A patient who is scheduled for a hair transplant in the occipital region and along the side of the head must have healthy hair to use this area as a donor area. Color, percentage of stiffness and other factors such as waviness and density affect the outcome of the procedure.

What method will be applied is taken only after examining the patient's head and hair. Although the FUE seamless method is often preferred, the FUT method is required in some cases. An organic transplant method using stem cells is sometimes used as well.

Hair transplant is applied not only in cases of baldness, but also to increase the density of hair.

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