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Sukhayus - premium heritage ayurvedic wellness centre - Fort Kochi (Punarnava Ayurveda, Kerala, India)

Sukhayus - premium ayurvedic wellness centre - Fort Kochi (Kerala, India)

Sukhayus Kochi is a premium class wellness centre, part of the Punarnava Ayurveda and is located in the historic district of Fort Kochi. The resort is located in the heart of the ancient city of Fort Kochi, rich in history and heritage, left by the Danish, Portuguese, Brodan, Jewish and Arab cultures. The big plus is that Sukhayus is located within walking distance from the spice market and shopping arcades, which attract travelers and traders since the VIII century, Chinese fishing nets, beaches, picturesque creeks, historical buildings, synagogues, etc.

Sukhayus offers 16 deluxe rooms and 2 suites. All rooms are spacious with a luxurious double bed and luxurious bathrooms. The interior design combines the classic elegance of the colonial style with the elements of modern decor. Location of the resort in the historic district of Fort Kochi gives him a special charm.


- Well furnished and cozy rooms
- Multinational restaurant
- Room service
- Organization of excursion tours
- Laundry service
- Currency exchange
- Wi-Fi
- Spacious parking
- Swimming pool
- Health club
- Library
- Doctor 24/7
- Views of the picturesque backwaters
- Yoga center


- Fishing
- Boating
- Walking tours
- Presentations and shows
- Badminton
- Table tennis, etc.

The program Rejuvenation and cleansing of the body (7 nights and 14 nights)

The program Rejuvenation and cleansing of the body is a complex process, which is based on the program of detoxification of the body from toxins and information ballast. After that the body is filled with pure natural energy and starts the processes of regeneration, recovery, rejuvenation. Depending on the doctor's recommendations Ayurvedic treatment includes the following procedures: body massage, Snehapanam, Nasyam, Abhyangam, Kizhi, Vasthi, Dhara, Pizhichil, Thalapotchil, Panchakarma, steam baths and medicines based on natural ingredients.

Program Treatment of psoriasis / Rejuvenation and body cleansing / Weight Loss (21-day programs)

The program of treatment of psoriasis is effective for all types of diseases. Ayurvedic treatment includes the following procedures: Lepanam, Snehapanam, Abhyangam, Pizhichil, steam baths and medicines based on natural ingredients.

The slimming program includes two types of massage with the use of powders and oils, steam baths, natural juices and herbal teas prepared according to the original recipe. A very important part of the treatment is the Ayurvedic diet, which is made taking into account the peculiarities of the organism of the individual patient. A number of procedures are carried out: Udvartanam, Abhangam, Padabhyangam, Kizhi, as well as yoga.

The program Treatment of Obesity / Cerebral Palsy / Muscular Dystrophy / Hemiplegia (28-day programs)

The program of treatment of cerebral palsy is effective in rapidly progressing disease. Ayurvedic treatment includes 3 stages: preparatory (various types of massage are performed), detoxification (cleansing of the body), stabilization of the condition (procedure, therapy).

The program for the treatment of muscular dystrophy is based on the synthesis of Ayurvedic medicine and the integrative approach to treatment developed by the specialists of Punarnava Ayurveda and allows to stop or slow the development of the disease. Along with Ayurvedic therapies, the course includes psychotherapy, yoga sessions, acupuncture, a special diet, as well as modern diagnostic methods.

The hemiplegia treatment program is aimed at restoring the body functions using Ayurvedic techniques in combination with psychotherapy, yoga. orthopedics and correction of the power system.

Prices for ayurvedic treatment programs

Deluxe Room:

7 nights - 1365 euros
14 nights - 2730 euros
21 days - 4095evro
28 days - 5460evro


7 nights - 1540 euros
14 nights - 3080 euros
21 days - 4620 euros
28 days - 6,160 euros

Included in cost:

- Accommodation of two guests in a double room; maximum of 8 guests per villa
- For one person: 3 meals a day (Ayurvedic vegetarian diet), treatment
- Consultations with Panel of Doctors
- Nursing Services
- 2 Ayurvedic treatments sessions
- Ayurvedic preparations for the whole stay
- Daily physiotherapy / yoga / rehabilitative therapy / acupuncture session
- For the accompanying person: breakfast. (Meals on a full board and treatment extra charge 102 € / day)
- Transfer airport-clinic-airport (Kochi International Airport, distance 32 km)
- Half day sightseeing tour (three excursions for 21- and 28-day programs)
- Hourly cultural program
- Free diagnostics of the dentist
- Master-class for the preparation of Ayurvedic dishes (only for 21- and 28-day programs)

The price does not include: all current taxes.

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