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Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery (clinics, hospitals, methods, procedures, prices)

Aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery

To plastic surgeons are called upon to gain harmony of the face and body, to eliminate the external manifestations of aging with the help of surgical interventions and cosmetic procedures. At your service various operations - both with cardinal changes of appearance, and without them.

1) Russia (Moscow)

Plastic surgery in Moscow is not inferior in quality and professionalism of plastic surgery abroad.

2) Singapore

3) South Korea

Prices for plastic surgery in South Korea are several times lower than in Europe and the USA. Our company is the exclusive representative of the leading specialized clinic of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine of South Korea.

4) Switzerland

5) Thailand

As you know, Thailand offers the cheapest plastic surgery in the world, but, nevertheless, guarantees high quality services.

6) Italy

7) Iran (rhinoplasty)

Do you know that Iran makes rhinoplasty the best in the world? Our partner is the only clinic in the world where patented rhinoplasty with control forms is used (the patient can see the result of the operation before it is performed).

8) Georgia (Tbilisi)

9) Turkey (hair transplantation)

Special offer! Unlimited grafts for only € 2,700!

10) Turkey (hair transplantation using stem cells)

A unique method of hair transplantation, which is currently a new development in modern practice of hair transplant surgery. "Organic hair transplant" is based on the injection of a mixture containing adipose tissue of stem cells obtained from the patient's own adipose tissue. The area of ​​transplantation is rejuvenated and thus increases the viability of transplanted grafts.

11) Tunisia

MedicaTour has an exclusive contract with Tunisia, with leading plastic surgeon Dr. Jamal. Proof of the success of plastic surgery in Tunisia are the hundreds of European patients who travel to Tunisia for beauty and rejuvenation. Very attractive prices and decent quality. In addition, all patients who come to the surgery clinic returns 250 euros per ticket. Aesthetic operation with a weekly postoperative period costs 60% less in Tunisia than in Europe.

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