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Kintaro Cells Power

Kintaro Cells Power. Stem cells therapy in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Building on its 50-year history of research, Kintaro Cells Power guarantees clients the highest quality stem cells therapy. Kintaro stem cells are able to cure more than 60 diseases, have a rejuvenating effect on the body, have a revitalization effect.

In the production of cells Kintaro Cells Power, bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells obtained from proven healthy donors are used. Living cells are cultivated in their own laboratories and are introduced to recipients by injection within 48 hours from the time of collection.

The clinics are located in the following countries: Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia.

Certificates and patents

Kintaro Cells Power has more than 50 certificates and patents confirming the fact that technology and research in the field of cell medicine is recognized by leading institutions around the world.

Treatment methods

Stem cells of Kintaro Cells have a patatropic effect, that is, after being introduced into the body, they are sent directly to the damaged organs and tissues and restore them.

There are three methods of introducing Kintaro Cells stem cells: intravenous administration, topical administration and external use on the face and body. Each of these methods of treatment can be used independently, but observations of more than 1,200 patients who received stem cell treatment have shown that the best results are obtained by combining all three methods of introducing cells.

What cells are used

In the medical complex, only live bone marrow stem cells of young and healthy donors are used. These stem cells have unprecedented benefits and show consistent results in treating diseases and improving the general health of patients.

Although there are different types of stem cells, Kintaro Stem Cells are mostly mesenchymal stem cells obtained from the bone marrow of young, healthy donors aged 18 to 24 years.


1) Security

These mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are obtained from the bone marrow of young, healthy donors from Russian and Japanese stem cells banks, which ensures the safety and reliability of their use in treating patients.

2) Availability

Stem cells are much more accessible than cord blood cells, since the production of the latter is tied directly to the time and place of birth.

3) High quality

Thanks to the transportation technology developed by Kintaro Cells Power, which allows 75% cell viability to be maintained for up to 48 hours, Kintaro stem cells are always the freshest and of the highest quality. Kintaro Cells cell cultures are also regularly tested for quality at Tokyo Medical University.

4) Inexhaustible resource

Kintaro stem cells are obtained from donors, thus, their resource is renewable, which makes this technology environmentally friendly and long-term. The effect of their use is also long-term - from two to four years.

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